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Since 2012, Yakitori Wassho has been providing heartfelt cuisine to people in the Nishi-Shinjuku 0-0-0 area as well as people from far away as a special izakaya with rich creativity. Since our opening, our desire to serve Asian cuisine with a rich flavor to all our customers has not changed at all. Please scroll down to see our menu and details. We are looking forward to your reservation.

With secret sauce
​ Original salt


Our sauce, which brings out the best in yakitori, takes two days to make.

This is Wajo's proud secret sauce, which has been added to and added to since its founding.


Salt is indispensable for making the best use of ingredients, not only in Japan, but also in

We use our original salt, a unique blend of carefully selected salts from around the world.

Wajo specialty
White lever

White liver is also called foie gras. It is an ingredient that is difficult to find on the market.


Rich flavor and sweetness, soft and fluffy texture. The flesh is soft;

When you take a bite, it melts in your mouth and the flavor spreads.

Please try our most popular white liver.

Carefully selected

by our store​ Specialty pork

All of the pork used in the skewers and vegetable roll skewers is Unzen pork (from Nagasaki


The pigs are raised freely in Kyushu, which is surrounded by a warm climate and magnificent


​It has just the right amount of fat and is characterized by its soft texture.

Sprinkle with our carefully selected salt for even more flavor.

​It also goes great with fresh vegetables.


Full of flavor
Delivering the best of Kumamoto's season

We carefully select and purchase safe, secure, and fresh ingredients mainly from Kumamoto.

In addition, we deliver seasonal dried fish, kamaboko, and seaweed from Amakusa.

Please enjoy our a la carte dishes made with seasonal ingredients.


*Because we purchase carefully selected ingredients every day, we may sell out.

Thank you for your understanding.





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